"Rozrada" have united professional psychologists-consultants who have an experience of work with families, couples, women, men, and children; consultants on organizational development, team formation and management, sociologist, doctor and pedagogues.

One of our most important values is a constant development and mastering of the professionalism level that is why we participate in the Ukrainian and international conferences, learn new methods and psychological technologies.

Psychologists who work at the Center are members of the international psychological associations, Ukrainian Association of Professional Psychologists and Kyiv Association of Practical Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

Six professionals from our team were awarded with a Gratitude of Kyiv City Administration for the active and professional psychological work.

Let's get acquainted!

Valentyna Bondarovska, the candidate of psychological sciences, the head of International Center “ROZRADA”, therapist-consultant, coach, author of brochures and booklets

The head of International Center “ROZRADA”, coordinator of more than 40 international projects in the sphere of gender equality, preventing and overcoming gender-based violence, therapist-consultant, coach, scientist, author of more than 300 scientific papers, author of popular brochures and booklets, she takes part in many radio and TV programs, in particular for seven years she regularly performed in the radio programs “Simeyni vechory” (“Family nights”) 1st channel and in program “Variant” (Radiostation ”Promin”). She is the member of association in Applied Psychology and International association in cross-cultural psychology, Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Psychologists. The participant and the leader of symposia in Worldwide and European psychological congresses. The participant of NGO’s Forum – Millennium  Forum 2000 ( New York , UN Headquarters. In March 2009 performed in UN Headquarters with the presentation of the Project “Say “NO!” to violence!”.

Was traned in the University of Colorado state and in the Family Center , gained two year preparation program for coaches and therapists-consultants (The USA, professors Bery and Jenney Weinhold).

The conductor of the project and co-author of the book “School for parents”, recommended by the Ministry for Education as a textbook.

The main trends of activity

I. Psychological foundations of human life

Practical psychological consulting work concerning the issues of domestic violence, family conflicts, children upbringing, psychological support for people with low self- esteem and the problems of self realization; analysis of psychological aftereffects of totalitarian regime, search for shaping new models of human’s behavior; studying of psychological peculiarities of political behavior of an individual and political groups in the conditions of civil society formation; psychological issues of organizations’ functioning and psychology of advertising, PR, org-psychological and social-psychological research of relevant problems of society democratization.   


II. Psychological and ergonomic foundations of usage of modern IT

We have been studying this issue since 1974.

Among the trends of research and practical activities we may distinguish:

·         study of the peculiarities of acquisition and use of psychological knowledge in computerization practice;

·         study of impact of modern IT on physical and psychological health of a human;

·         psychological and ergonomic foundations of educational computerization;

·         the peculiarities of human’s creativity that need modern IT;

·         humanitarian problems of IT usage.

III. Coordination of humanitarian program Ukrainian-American bridge “From family to family”

Valentyna consults women, men, family couples concerning the issue of family conflicts, increase of self-esteem, communication disorders.

She conducts psychological training sessions for specialists “Prevention and overcoming violence against women”, “Psychological family support”, “Group work”, “Psychology of management”.

In the context of “ Ukraine USA ” program she works as a coach of a program “modern human and how to control them”, “Self development. Leadership school”, “Election technologies”, “Team-building and team work”.

Valentyna is the author of the books “What can we do to prevent domestic violence?” and “Woman and business”, booklets “Let’s say “NO!” to discrimination against women at work”.

She is the chief editor of Internet newspaper “Family and gender equality” (www.gender.kiev.ua)


Olga Kurylenko,  the leading coach of  “ROZRADA” Center, specialist in development and implementation of educational and training programs.

Has acquired the following courses (certificates) : “The program of equal opportunities and right of women in Ukraine ” (the Program of development by UN), “The methods of psychological work. Shock. Trauma. Stress.” (Dr. James Weinhold (USA)), “The leader of the 21 century” – the development of children’s leadership (Counterpart Fund), “Practical Law” (The Institute of democratic development) – the program for teachers and coaches of the public organizations concerning training programs devoted to human and children rights, “The basis of gender equality”  (Winrock International) – work with children-leaders.


Has been working in “ROZRADA” Center since 1996. She realizes training programs aimed at development of children’s leadership, gender equality, security of children and human rights. She is the author of educational programs for parents and children “Parents’ school”

She’s the co-coordinator and performer of social projects aimed at civil society’s development, support of unprotected population such as: “Resisting domestic violence”, “Work with human trafficking victims”, “Psychological and social support for women who lost their job “Job Club”, “Setting up an active position of women in remote rural areas”, “help to labour migrants’ children”, “Educational program of development for children of different age, group work with them, training tolerance, shaping such important life skills as teamwork, the ability to work according to the rules and examples, development of task fulfillment strategy, coordination of their actions with the actions of others”.

She is the author of booklets and brochures, the methodology of correction work with people who have committed domestic violence, methodology of cultural work with children.

Olga has experience of organizing and conducting women’s self-help groups and groups of personal growth.    


 Olena Voziyanova, therapist-consultant, coach, author of popular booklets.

In 1991 finished Kyiv University named after T.G. Shevchenko with the Diploma with honors, specializing in psychology. Besides during ten years gained the skills by practical work with children and grown-ups, in particular acquired the methodology of fairytale therapy and symbol drama. Now she is enrolled in three year programs devoted to gestalt therapy and org consulting.

Olena has been working as a children’s therapist since Center’s Foundation and has a big experience in work with aggressive, closed, anxious children and also with children for who it is difficult to find common language with peers.     

Olena advises parents on establishing relationships with their children

As children’s therapists she developed several booklets for parents on different issues of children’s bahaviour: teaching parents the skills of safe beahviour, peculiarities of child’s aggression, how to react to their negative feelings towards other people.

Owing to her ten year experience Olena developed three educational programs for specialists “Psychological work with children - preschoolers, younger students, teenagers".

She is the author and the coach of program “School for parents”.

 Besides this Olena has rich experience in consulting grown-ups, in particular women concerning increase of self-esteem, self-determination and self-confidence. She is co-presenter of permanent support group for women “I am the only one for myself and I am loved”.

She also conducts consulting for families.

Olena is co-author and coach of a program “Training for coaches “Group work”, takes part in training sessions for specialists in particular “Job and family”, “prevention and overcoming violence against women”. She has experience in organizations’ consulting, diagnosis of organizations’ employees, individual work with top-management.


Grugorenko Oksana Petrivna – practicing therapist of the 1st category, gestalt consultant on work with children and teenagers.  

I have the specialization “Medical Psychology”. I have rich experience of individual and group psychological diagnosis, correction and developing work with children.

I am consulting children and grown-ups.

In my work I use art therapy, gestalt therapy, game therapy and elements of fairytale therapy.

I have knowledge of using the method of desensitization and processing trauma through eye movements and the method of right hemispheric express-drawing.



Iryna Savenetschildren’s therapist

I have been working in “ROZRADA” Center since 2008.

I am specialized in psychological diagnosis of psycho-emotional state of a child, individual correction and rehabilitation work with children. I work with children’s parents systematically.

In my work I use methods of gestalt therapy, art therapy, game therapy, the elements of fairytale therapy and method of associative cards.

Was trained in a two-year program by O. Voziyanova “How to work with children”. I have the certificates in following professional programs:

2008-2010 the certificate of children’s therapist. Psychological center of organizational and personal growth “NIKA”, specialization in “Psychological consulting and psycho-correction work with children and teenagers in gestalt approach”. Kyiv gestalt institute, program of gestalt consultant for children.  

2010 I took part in the cycle of psych-therapeutic master classes “Fairytale therapy and fairytale analysis” (Tkach R. M.)

2009 certificate in training session «An advanced training for mental health professionals featuring theoretical clinical and practical psychological tools for treating developmental shock, trauma and stress (J. B. Weinhold CIRCL ( USA NGO “ROZRADA”.   

2009 certificate in training session “Rehabilitation of children – the victims of domestic violence” (Yoltana Zmarzlik, Yuriy Onishko, Yevgeniya Dubrovska). 


Julianna Yur - therapist

I have been working for “ROZRADA” Center since 2010. I am specialized in psychological diagnosis of psycho-emotional state of children and grown-ups, and individual correction work with children.

I have the certificate in training session of 2010 “Children and parent counseling” (coach – Milyutina K.L).



Solomatina Maria Kostyantynivna - therapist, gestalt therapist (certificate of Moscow Institute of gestalt and psych drama)

I work with children, teenagers and grown-ups. I have 6-year experience of work in both  - private and state institutions as a therapist. 

The isuues which I work with:

-        difficulties in relationships between parents and children (misunderstanding, broken promises, lies to a child);

-        difficulties in relationships between classmates (failure in subjects, unwillingness to study or to go to school);

-        child’s diseases (frequent colds, enuresis, stomach and headaches);

-        difficulties in child’s behavior (isolation, aggression, tantrums);

-        kids and grown-ups in the situation of domestic violence;

-        child’s fears (nightmares, bad and anxious sleep);



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