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"Woman And Business. From Gender Equality To Psychological Grounds Of Success", V.Bondarovska. . This brochure was published with support of the PAUSI, 2001

How often we do not believe in ourselves, stop ourselves on the way to success!
We are used to the fact that we can't change anything, that somebody is responsible for our welfare, for solving important for us problems. We are used to the fact that women do all the routine work - starting from the household duties and upbringing children to a difficult agricultural work, industrial work, work at school, at the hospital, at the construction bureau. And we are used to the fact that men usually the ones who are making decisions and occupying significant authority positions.
The problem of gender equality in the context of success and business are discussed in the brochure. There are materials on what one should know about a modern person and its psychological peculiarities in order to succeed in the market economy, to manage own business. The brochure tells about the art of leadership as a supporting strategy; about organizational business environment and psychological traps of decision making; about the psychological technologies of advertising.
It turns out that knowing some psychological technologies and techniques, realizing gender equality, getting rid of the inferiority complex, taking responsibility can effectively support us on the way of creating and managing own business.


"Image… Finding Yourself", I. Didkovska, N. Shyshlova. This brochure was published with support of the PAUSI, 2001

In a popular form this brochure tells the reader how the image of a business woman is being formed and what it is composed of. You will receive information on how to manage the impressions you make on others and how to express oneself through clothes and style.





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