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The main projects and activities (1994-2002)



UNO Project "Psychological support of the families" under the aegis of Secretariate UNO of The International Year of the Family. Specialists of "Rozrada" were trained basic psychological help skills, methods of psychocorrectional work with families, children and adults. According to this project there was provided practical psychological help for people.



Developed practical psychological methodologies to work with women and their families. Provided consultations to 60 Montesori School students, consulted married couples and provided regular support groups for women and families of Chernobyl. In addition to the above, provided over 400 consultations to children, 100 to couples and 15 for female school instructors.

Facilitated seven (7) TV programs, 30 minutes each on National TV Channel 1, on the topic of Family, Women and Health.



Continued work at schools (numbers 178, 177 and 174). Counseled over 600 students and 100 parents.

Training for women at risk focusing on living in a safe, healthy manner, avoiding burnout and physical and mental stress.

Scientific research of psychological models of post-totalitarian personality, society and relations. Models and curricula adapted and tested.

Research requested by Kyiv State Administration on cultural identity and aspects of parent's attitude toward use of national Ukrainian language: 420 parents were questioned.



Creating in the center "Rozrada" the psychological center of women support with assistance of NIS-US Women's Consortium with funding from USAID. Starting in November 1997, 105 individual consultations were given and 10 meetings of the support groups for single women

Trainings for the Gender Bureau of the UN "The training program of women leaders" - problems of political psychology, the image of woman-leaders, communication habits.

Cooperation with Kyiv City Administration Office of Protection of "under-protected and discriminated individuals", NIS-US Women's Consortium, Women's Informational Consultative Center on development of "Women's Center- Informational-Vocational Training Center for Women".

The section of the book "Women in Ukraine" was prepared - "The social, psychological and medical state of girls in Ukraine"

The seminar "The peaceful conflicts resolution" with assistance of the World International Women League for Peace and Freedom (Swedish and Danish Branches) was carried out.



UNIFEM Project "Prevention of Violence against Women: An Educational and Psychological Training Program". Provide seven (7) training programs for trainers on prevention violence against women in 7 cities of Ukraine (for local administration, health care providers, social workers, legal-enforcement officers, and women's NGO's); development and printing of 2 brochures in Ukrainian for women, teens, women's NGO's, at-risk families, Ministry of Education; psychological consultations for women suffered form different kinds of violence (there were carried out about 489 individual consultations for women) and 15 meetings of psychological support groups for women.

Psychological work in Kiev Center of work with women (thanks to support of NIS-US Women 's Consortium (there were carried out over 372 individual consultations free for women).

Kyiv Women's Center was opened in December 1998 and offer a 24 hour hotline, legal-literacy resources, weekly training and psychological assistance programs, and soon will offer job-retraining skills as well as internet access. Under the wings of the Center is a Women's Shelter where women who suffer domestic violence can turn to for confidentiality, safety and medical/legal assistance.

There were 3 round table held: "Woman and the elections: success, mistakes, future", "The women's leadership: Psychological premises of the formation of women-leaders in Ukraine", "Domestic violence: prevalence, psychological and legal protection in Ukraine". Target group: Politicians, women organizations' representatives, deputies and candidates for the deputies, scientists, and representatives of the governmental structures.



Fund's "Vidrodzhennia" Project "Assistance to the Activity of the Center of Women Psychological Support" (1999) - 511 free psychological consultations for women and members of their families were provided.

USIS Fund of USA Embassy Project "Domestic violence as a source of aggressive behavior"(May, 1999 - December 1999) - there were prepared and published 3 booklets ("Child and the rights of child", "Domestic violence and aggressive behavior of children", "Family conflicts and domestic violence") Also the workshop for the regional representatives on the problem of prevention of domestic violence and support of victims was carried out (the booklets were distributed on it).

Center "Rozrada" in collaboration with "Organization of Young Christian Women" provided the social-psychological research of the situation, commonness and understanding of the violence against women in Ukraine (among adults and teenagers) and carried out the training programs for women on the topic of domestic violence, sexual harassment on the work place.

Director of "Rozrada" was elected as a leader of the lobbying group for changing the legislation of Ukraine. The first step of the group is lobbying the introduction of the security organ and the mechanism of its implementation into the legislation of Ukraine.


2000 - 2001

UN Trust Fund on Family Affairs Project "Psychological Aid to Family during the Period of Social, Political and Economic Transformation: An Educational and Training Program" - providing training program for specialists "Complex work with families" and preparing and spreading the manual for specialists.

Counterpart Alliance Project "Informational and psychological support of children that suffered from violence" (March 2000 - March 2001) - psychological consultation for children and their parents, publishing of 3 booklets for children ("How to stop the abuser inside ourselves", "What to do if you are the victim of violence", "How to cope with negative feelings") and 1 for parents ("What to do if your child is not self-confident") and 2 notes ("Human rights for children" and "Children rights for parents").

Global Fund for Women Project "Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women: Information Campaign and Psychological Counseling of Women" (June 2000 - June 2001) - training for trainers on prevention domestic violence, consultations for women and their families, development 5 booklets on domestic violence problem and partner relationships.

PAUCI Project "Educational program for women that wanted to start their own small business or find a job" - 2 training for "Rozrada" specialists - in Poland Center for assistance to women and by Polish specialists in Kiev - in order to master the technologies of training women for market skills , training for women that wanted to start their own business, 2 brochures devoted to the problem of gender equality in business, image of business women, business skills, how women can start her own business).


2001 - 2002

International Women Club (July 2001 - December 2002) "Psychological support of children and women that suffer from different kinds of violence" - providing of 100 individual psychological consultations for women and 100 individual psychological consultations for children that suffered form different kinds of violence.

Canada-Ukrainian gender fund (2002-2003) "Prevention and overcoming of consequences of gender based violence in the family" - development of monthly Internet newspaper "Family and gender equality", publishing of 7 popular booklets on this problem, providing 4 training program for trainers in the regions of Ukraine.

Global Fund for Women (January 2003 - December 2003) "From Gender Equality to Economical Independence: "School of economical independence for Ukrainian women" - providing 4 training programs for unemployed women "Job Club", 2 complex (economic, psychological, legal) training programs "I start my own small business" for women, training program for trainers from regions of Ukraine "Job Club".

International Women Club, Kiev (2003) "Psychological support of children and women that are in crisis and suffer from different kinds of violence"Economic independence of women "Job Club" - providing 2 training programs for women that loose the job or have the problems with employment "Job Club".

International Women Club, Kiev (October 2003 - March 2004) "Economic independence of women "Job Club" - providing 2 training programs for women that loose the job or have the problems with employment "Job Club".

2003 - 2004

International Women Club, Kiyv (October 2003 - March 2004) "Economic independence of women "Job Club" - providing 2 training programs for women on employment skills "Job Club".

International Women Club (March 2004 - August 2004) "Psychological support of children and women that are in crisis and that suffer from different kinds of violence" - providing 100 individual psychological consultations for women and 100 individual psychological consultations for children that are in crisis and suffered form different kinds of violence.

International Monetary Fund (March 2004 - October 2004) "Psychological support of domestic violence victims" - 300 individual psychological consultations for victims of domestic violence.

Participation in the Ukrainian Women Fund project "Support of new country women organizations" (May - July 2004) - providing trainings and mentorship support.

Participation in the UCAN Project "Our house" of the Kiev city NGO "Association of apartment owners"(June - November 2004) - providing 2 social-psychological trainings "My rights as citizen and owner. The development of human active position", development of 2 booklets.

Participation in the UN Project "Developing of manual for policemen that work with victims of violence. Implementation of the Law "Prevention of the family violence" (July - August 2004) - preparing of the chapter "What is domestic violence" of the manual.



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