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Humanitarian Program
Ukrainian-American Bridge "Family to a Family"

Humanitarian Program called the Ukrainian-American Bridge of love and care "Family to a Family" has been working since 1991.

The idea of the program is that 100 American families-volunteers help 100 Ukrainian families that were evacuated from the Chernobyl zone. US families send to the Ukrainian ones vitamins, clothing and shoes for children, assist in buying medicine and in undergoing the urgent medical treatment.

The founder of the program and its "life and soul" is the Doctor of Psychology Patricia Cox (USA). She found and united the US families and jointly with Valentyna Bondarovska, the Director of "Rozrada" Center, started the program.

"Rozrada" Center is the program coordinator. It performs the following:
- Collects information about the needs of Ukrainian families, their problems and their successes;
- Helps both sides to keep in touch and to correspond;
- Translates the letters for Ukrainian families;
- Assists in receiving the packages.

Valentyna and Patricia as well as other volunteers from "Rozrada" carry out psychological work with the Ukrainian families, provide consultations and seminars for them.

Patricia visits Kyiv every two years and meets with the families. She also carries out the seminars on family and personal issues for them.

Meeting the families

Patricia and Valentyna meet with the families that were evacuated
from the zone of the Chernobyl catastrophe

This program not only let the people receive the necessary vitamins and clothing. It united them, created some communities where people help each other. It also filled people who suffered from the Chernobyl disaster with faith that they can a lot do themselves, that they are not alone with their problems and are supported.

Owing to this program children and their parents recover, parents who suffered greatly from the Chernobyl catastrophe give birth to the new children who can develop normally, people find strength to live on.



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