Prevention and overcoming the consequences of gender violence in the family

Psychological support of children and women who have suffered from different forms of violence. Psychological support of children who underwent oncological surgery and of their parents

School for Parents





2010-2011- Project supported by fund “Open Ukraine”

Learning to make a present the parents love to childrensocial-psychological support of labour migrants’ children. Psycho diagnostic, correction programs for practical psychologists. Culturological and psychological programs for out-of-school working with labour migrants children”

2010-2011 - ProjectDestigmatization  as a method of safety environment ensuring for the rehabilitation of trafficking victims. It was developed methods of safely environment organization for trafficking victims and training programs for participants of state sxtructures who are responsible for support of trafficking victims and for practical psychologists/social workers. It was developed and published three manuals for persons who directly work with tr5afficking victims.

2009-2010 - IWICK, Kyiv International Women Club

. “Move to economic independence. Psychological help to women and children who suffer from domestic violence”.

It was realized the educational program “Job Club” for women, who lost job, are victims of domestic violence and the educational program “Destigmatization” – for women who are stigmas and psychological traumas. Women received psychological help on individual  consultations. About 50% participants found job.

2009 - Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine .

The Program of informative, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation work with perpetrators “Stop Domestic Violence”.

The task was to develop the socio-psychological methods of diagnostics and rehabilitation of perpetrators.

2008-2009 - IWICK, Kyiv International Women Club.

Project “Move to economic independence. Psychological help to women and children who suffer from domestic violence”.


International Humanitarian Center "Rozrada" in cooperation with IOM (International Organization for Migration) executes the Project " Phenomena of stigmatization and its influence on following rehabilitation trafficking victims". The Project has been started 16 February 2005 and it will go on the next 8 months.

The aim of the project: Carrying out of social-psychological research of a situation developed in east, southern and western regions of Ukraine on influence social stigmatization on rehabilitation and social adaptation of trafficking victims and labor migration at a level of family, natives and a close environment. Development of social-psychological recommendations on overcoming consequences stigmatization, on rehabilitation of the victim's personality and his (her) family and social relations in general, on prevention of hit of trafficking.

As a result of the project, we expect:

1. Involve of the wide public to discussion and the decision the problem of stigmatization concerning trafficking victims and its overcoming through carrying out of Round table by results of analytical and socio - psychological research and through work in local and all-Ukraine mass media (influence on the life of hundreds people of west, east and south regions of Ukraine).

2. Assist to adaptation of trafficking victims and labor migration at a level of family, natives and a close environment through the realization of the practical recommendation developed in the Project.

3. Affect in quantity of victims, through development and distributing social-psychological recommendations on stopping trafficking among potential victims.

4. Develop the recommendation by rehabilitation of the personality and returning to a public life suffering from trafficking and labor migration at a level of family, natives and a close environment and society, through development of social-psychological recommendations on overcoming consequences stigmatization, on rehabilitation of the victim's personality and her (his) family and social relations and using of these recommendations in practical work.

For first four months of going on of the Project we:

1. Made analytical research of International and Ukrainian Legislation concerning questions of rehabilitation, reintegration and adaptation trafficking victims. Emphasize the main statement: law progress and defects.

2. Prepared and carried out expert's group with the leading experts in areas of sociolo gy, international law, psychology and social workers, who works with trafficking victims.

Expert's group took place 13 May 2005 by address Melnikova str. 20, Kyiv, placement "Kyiv city center by work with women". Bondarovskaya V.M. candidate of psychological science was a moderator of expert's group.

3. It will be attracted extra experts, who live in another areas of Ukraine. Total 15 experts.

4. Co-ordinated the questionnaire for All-Ukrainian social-psychological poll concerning problems of trafficking victims reintegration with specialists of Institute of social researches.

5. Institute of social researches as a co-executor of the Project conducted the national poll in the context of our question.

Today active preparation is going on to conducting three focus - groups in Lugansk, Mikolayev and Ujgorod and to analytical research.


This project was supported by the Canadian Gender Foundation.

It started in January 2002. Expected project termination is June 2003.

The goal of the project is to provide socio-psychological support to women and men from rural areas of Ukraine on overcoming of the negative consequences of domestic violence and to assist reaching of the gender equality in Ukraine on the family level by means of:
- Satisfying the needs of different strata of Ukrainian society in information and psychological support;
- Increasing the qualification level of the specialists from the regions of Ukraine who work with the problems of violence on the gender basis on the family level.

This project presumes that a series of tasks will be fulfilled:

1. Spreading the information on gender situation in Ukraine, domestic violence on the gender basis and the ways of its overcoming, resolving family conflicts by means of effective communication, keeping the human rights in the family etc.

This information will be spread through the mass media (speeches on the television, radio in the national press);
Publishing the Internet-newspaper. Its creation and functioning was supported by the Canadian Gender Foundation. Internet users who are reading this newspaper will be able to visit the Forum, join the discussion and receive psychologists advice.
Preparation and publishing of 7 popular booklets (total circulation of 5000 copies) which will be spread in the regions of Ukraine. These booklets will be dedicated to: keeping human rights in the family on the different stages of its development; effective coexistence of different generations in the family; building partner relations; the questions of children upbringing of the basis of gender equality; advice on communication in the family without using violence and manipulating etc.

2. Increasing the professional level of the specialists from different regions of Ukraine who face the problem of domestic violence in their work. These are the social workers, policemen, practicing psychologists. Psychologists from the "Rozrada" Center will carry out 4 four-day training programs for the abovementioned specialists in the network of the project. These training programs will have the representatives from Cherkasy, Kyiv, Odesa, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsk, Lviv and Mykolaiv regions.

At the finishing line of the project there will be held a closing summing conference "Gender Equality, Ways of Overcoming of the Domestic Violence on the Gender Basis and Perspectives of Building Partnership in the Ukrainian Family".
NGO employees that deal with the problems of domestic violence in Ukraine, journalists, policemen and the representatives from the Canadian Gender Foundation will be invited to the conference.



This project is supported by the International Women's Club.

Project duration - March-August 2002.

The aim of the project:

1. Psychological support of women and children that suffered from violence:

Helping children overcome the consequences of stress and traumas and increase their self-esteem; teaching children how to deal with their negative feelings in a constructive way; developing in children effective communication skills - by means of providing free psychological consultations.
Helping women stop the violence aimed at them; increase their self-esteem; improve the psychological environment in the family; develop the conflict resolution skills.

2. Support of the children who underwent oncological surgery and of their parents:

Carrying out 10 group meetings with children who underwent oncological surgery. The goal of these meetings will be psychological support of the children, supporting their willingness to live, overcoming their fears, giving them an opportunity to share their feelings.
Psychological support of parents: teaching them how to support their child after the surgery, to adapt to a normal life, to overcome their fears etc.

3. 3. Spreading of the information on prevention of violence against women and children, building partner relations in the family, non-violent ways of children upbringing etc. by means of publishing materials in the mass media, spreading of the notes and booklets published by the Center.



UNICEF Fund have supported the project "School for parents". Terms of realization of the Project is 15 May - 15 December 2002.

The Project is aimed to:

1. Assist to spreading among adults (parents, teachers, school psychologists, etc.) the new models of children perception.

This new model envisages:
changing the traditional model of perception of children as an object of upbringing. In such traditional model parents "make" everything that they want with the children and take the all responsibilities about children life.
creating the new model of ways of children upbringing that based on the principles of respect of peculiarities and unique features of each child, development of responsibility and independence of children;
spreading the idea "Children upbringing is interesting and creative activity";
knowledge and taking into account the individual and age peculiarities of child;
forming of respect towards personality and rights of children;
changing the traditional stereotype of education through punishment towards education through positive attitude;
developing of skills of children responsibility upbringing.

2. Assist to development of constructive ways of interactions of children and adults.

3. Help parents to form the perceiving of themselves not only in the roles of "mother" or "father" but also as a man and woman, wife and husband, perceiving themselves as personality, as professionals, as a person that has the rights, the rights on his\her own time and life space, friends, privacy etc.

4. Forming of constructively working coalition "school-children-parents".


Main activities in framework of Project:

1. Seminar-workshop for pedagogues of school #59 in which the Project will realize aimed to introduce the ideas, objectives and methods of conducting of "School for parents".

2. Trainings for parents on the following themes:

- Communication and interaction with child
- Attitude to child
- Discipline and responsibility
- Education
- "Me and my parent's role"
- Children's peculiarities.

3. Trainings for pedagogues

1 Training
"Personality training for teachers" that will help teachers to understand the peculiarities of new approach to interaction with children thanks to teachers own experience.
2 Training
"Family and school - ways of effective interaction" (the influence of family life to behavior and educational possibilities of children, types of family relationships, parents mistakes, types of children behavior and family system of upbringing, single parents, the types of relationships between teachers and parents, constructive ways of interaction, coalition "school-children-parents").

4. Preparing of 6 popular booklets for adults

Themes of the booklets:
1. How to communicate with child.
2. How to survive during the unsafe age of your children (peculiarities of teenagers for parents).
3. How to develop independence in your child.
4. "When your child makes you crazy".
5. Boys upbringing - what we would like to change and to preserve.
6. Girls upbringing - what we would like to change and to preserve.

5. Individual psychological consultations for parents, children, teachers

During the individual consultations children and adults will receive the support of psychologist-consultant in the process of improving relationships and interactions.

6. Common trainings for parents and children

Themes of the trainings:
- Rights of parents;
- Rights of children;
- Skills of effective and constructive interactions.

7. Group consultations for parents, teachers and children

Group consultations will be provided after trainings with the aim to deep knowledge, examine the questions that appear after trainings etc.

8. Development of the manual "School for parents".



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