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Individual psychological consultations for children and adults




In our Center you will find

- Attention and confidentiality
- Professionals who have a solid experience
- Time and place where you can freely think and feel, experiment and change

  • To get a consultation, you should call our Center at 234 8368 and make an appointment with a psychologist
  • A psychological consultation usually lasts 1 hour
  • Some people need only one appointment to find questions to their answers
  • Some problems need a longtime work. Whether this is needed is decided during the first consultation. You set the goals, the expected results and the number of consultations.


Questions and problems you can come with:

1. Individual psychological consultations for adults

- Attitude to self, relationship with the partner, children, parents, colleagues or just acquaintances;

- The taste of life or how not to loose joy and sense of life in the flow of difficulties;

- Family problems, conflicts and relations;

- Domestic violence - how to protect oneself;

- Devastation and tiredness - where and how to seek resources;

- Chronic stress - why has it become your life partner and how to overcome it;

- Illnesses that appeared because of the nervous tension - how to deal with them;

- If you have become a victim of violence;

- Husband and wife - how to find a common language;

- How to seek and find job - realizing one's needs, skills and obstacles;

- Diffidence, increased anxiety;

- Fears and phobias;

- Depressions and states of low spirits;

- Divorce - how to help yourself and your child overcome this crisis;

- Psychological diagnosis of the emotional state, professional taste and skills etc.


2. Psychological consultations for children and their parents

Psychological diagnosis of children of different age

- Is your child ready for school (psychological diagnosis of an intellectual and emotional development)?

- Diagnosis of the child's emotional state, determination of the causes of current difficulties

- Professional orientation of the senior students

Psycho-correctional work with children of different age

Psychological consultations for parents

- Psychological accompaniment of child's development

- Aggressive child - how did it appear and how to help it

- Difficulties and opportunities of the left-handed children

- Children's insularity, diffidence, difficulties with starting relations with the peers

- Children's fears and hyper anxiety

- How to live with a teenager - conflicts with the parents, teen communities, adolescent crises

- Children-parent conflicts

- If your child has suffered from violence

- If you have a special child - how to find an approach to it and how to consider its peculiarities


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