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"Rozrada" is a non-government non-profit center of practical psychology which has humanitarian orientation and first of all is directed at the psychological help to different strata of society.

International Humanitarian Center "Rozrada" was founded in 1994 by common efforts of Ukrainian psychologist Valentina Bondarovskaia, Ph.D. and American psychologist Janae Weinhold, Ph.D., Director of Family Center in Colorado Springs (USA) who were guided by ideas of good, love and wish to help everybody who is in particular need of it.

We have united to give psychological support to people in their eternal desire
for peaceful and happy life on our small Earth



"Rozrada" has united under its slogan different specialists - psychologists, medical psychologists, trainers, organizational consultants, pedagogues and children psychologists, professionals who have sincere hearts opened for people.


Our mission and goals

Based on humanistic methodology and gender specific materials, ROZRADA provides psychological and social aid for people, spreads the social-psychological knowledge.


Our main goals
Spreading the ideas of partnership, peaceful conflict resolution and peaceful coexisting, equal rights and gender equality on all level of life - from personal and family life to society life.
Development of civil consciousness and building of civil society.
Assisting in social, economical and psychological development and independence of women.
Providing real social and psychological help for people, especially women, children and families.
Creating and providing of modern educational technologies and resources for spreading of the psychological knowledge and technologies in the regions of Ukraine.


"Rozrada" implements the modern methods of psychological support vital for countries undergoing transition to the market economy, assists the scientific and technical and cultural co-operation, development of the international relations.

"Rozrada" has the following main areas of activity, which support our goals of spreading information and skills about psychological well being in personal and professional spheres of life:

1. Providing of educational programs (trainings, seminars, conferences and round tables) for Kyiv and regional centers - prevention of gender based violence, gender equality, economical development, psychological help, leadership, psychological development, self-esteem development, Legal-literacy, knowing one's rights, intermaritial relations, and communication skills, etc.
Target groups: psychologists, social workers, representatives of women and other NGO, local administration, healthcare providers, legal-enforcement officers, etc.

2. Providing information campaigns and activity in mass media on the urgent social and psychological problems. Regularly scheduled work with Television, Radio, and Newspapers on gender equality, family and marriage life, access to psychological assistance and its benefits, children upbringing, portrayal of women, appropriate, non-biased description of reports of violence against women and the ways of it's overcoming Publication of articles about psychological effects on people who live in post-totalitarian society (about 45 publications during the last year).

3. Publication and distribution of brochures, booklets and notes on the problems of family life, family conflicts solving, changing social and economical position of women in society, violence in the family, overcoming of violence against women and children, gender issues, children upbringing. During the last two years "Rozrada" published 5 brochures, 4 notes, 14 booklets in Ukrainian;

4. Providing psychological consultations for women, children, families and couples. Focus on self-esteem, professional and personal development, violence in the family and parenting. Each year Center provides more than 1000 consultations for women, children, and families.

5. Facilitating of weekly support groups for women victims of violence, single women and single mothers.

6. Participating in the psychological work of Kiev State Center for Women. Two specialists of "Rozrada" provide consultations and support groups.

7. Providing social-psychological researches. "Rozrada" specialists provides theoretical and empirical researches on the following issues: family models in cross-cultural perspectives, gender stereotypes of Ukrainian society, gender based violence in Ukraine, comparative analysis of effectiveness of different psychological methods in Ukraine.

V.Bondarovska, Ph.D., "Rozrada" director, presents the results of "Rozrada" researches on European and World Conferences and Congresses. As a team "Rozrada" presented it's results on the special sessions on the 6 ("Psychotherapy in the post-soviet countries") and 7 ("Women in post-totalitarian countries") European Congresses (Rome, 1999, London, 2001).


The groups we help and issues we address:
- women that suffered from different kinds of violence (physical, psychological), that have low self-esteem, problems with personal development, with establishing relations, and raising children (in particular, single mothers);
- unemployed women - development of market skills, self-presentation, job getting;
- children that suffered from violence, especially domestic;
- children that have health, behavior, emotional, communicative, and other problems;
- families and couples with different problems - mutual understanding, conflict resolution, partner relationships, family development/ divorce;
- specialists (psychologists, social workers) that work with different groups of population - trainings, seminars, work-shops, supervision activity, individual work.



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